Expertas - a unique global service specialising in the science and technology of colour

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The innovative approach of Expertas delivers measurable commercial success through the science and technology of colour

Pigment and Colour Technology Specialists

Established in 2008 by colour technology specialist, Trevor Sayer, Expertas is now a leading global consultancy providing effective business solutions for a wide range of clients.

You may already be aware of Trevor’s reputation as one of the world’s leading pigment and colour technology specialists.  This is based on over 30 years’ experience working for international companies such as ICI and PPG Industries. 

Located in the UK, but having a truly global reach, Expertas has a track record of innovation which includes a number of patents on novel processes and specialist chemical additives. This is in addition to other specialist skills such as designing lean processes for manufacturing environments.

To find out more about the many ways Expertas can help in the application and analysis of colour technology (and associated business disciplines), contact us today.

Dr Trevor Sayer

Trevor’s doctoral thesis on Organic Chemistry has underpinned a long and developing career which ultimately led to the creation of Expertas.  Clients benefit from a wide range of highly specialised services including:

  • A practical approach to pigment and colourant choices for a wide variety of high performance applications and markets
  • Colour trend analyses and forecasting to support design professionals
  • Predicting colour trends and harmony using proven hi-tech colour tools.

Janet Sayer

Expertas also draws heavily on the business and training expertise of fellow associate, Janet Sayer.  As a law graduate with valuable experience in both public and private sectors, Janet brings another dimension to the company.  In particular, Janet has worked with clients on:

  • Auditing IT systems
  • Risk management methodology
  • Company change and re-branding
  • Audit management and analysing the life-cycles of processes
  • Training, team building, coaching and mentoring.
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