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Actively involved in the automotive, architecture, design, paint and other key markets in the UK and across the world

Expertas Colour Consultancy Markets

Expertas provides actionable colour consultancy services for a range of key markets.  These include the automotive industry and many other markets where colour and design are key elements in the production process.

In addition, Expertas can draw on its experience in – and association with – the paint and pigment industry and manufacturers of pigment milling equipment.  This widens the range of opportunities to feed cost-effective applications back into both mainstream and specialist markets.

Working closely with these companies also means Expertas can provide them with valuable information on competitor activity and colour trends in the wider market place. 

The direct application of pigment technology and dispersion science together with colour science and colour management creates real-world solutions from the blur of subjective uncertainty. 

How Expertas colour consultancy works

A key starting point is providing advice on colour palette generation – on how an optimal range of colours can be achieved for a particular product or range.

This could involve deciding on a colour palette or swatches for things like paint, carpet or wallpaper ranges where delicate nuances of colour can be used to create enormous consumer choice. Reaching this stage may involve a lot of fine tuning to make sure there are no gaps in the colour palette and that the colours being included fit in with colour trends or respond to competitor activity.

Having decided on a colour palette, Expertas will make sure the colours (paints and pigments) can be reproduced faithfully on the chosen paper, fabric or other substrate for clients to show to their customers.

Sophisticated software tools are used to preview and modify each colour on-screen and to help eliminate potential differences in colour between various substrates. Alongside this, Expertas will be looking at how the ‘colours’ can be applied to products by selecting pigments that will create the best combination of appearance, durability and cost-effectiveness.

This stage usually involves working closely with a client’s production and marketing teams to discuss feasibility, further research (if required), project management and the marketing process.

Sector-specific applications

Given the importance of colour in all lives – especially when it comes to making choices about the things we buy – manufacturers in every sector are delving deeper into the significance of every aspect of colour and the role it plays in our buying choices. 

Expertas has vast experience of providing colour consultancy services across a wide range of markets.  Here are just a few...

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