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We go beyond the science and technology of colour to real-world applications and economics

Expertas Colour Consultancy Services

The colour consultancy services provided by Expertas play a major part in the manufacture and marketing of our clients’ products.

Colour has always influenced the way people act and react, how they make choices and buy.  Today, with so much at stake commercially, companies are recognising that making informed decisions about the colour of their products can be vital to both initial and longer-term success.

Of course, there’s more to pigments and coatings than the colours they create.  Other dimensions include the durability and consistency of finish, the formulation and quality of the product and how it’s packaged.

In addition, when you look beyond the science and technology of pigments and colour, there has to be the over-riding consideration of production cost, selling price and margins.

Expertas provide a range of services to influence and optimise the effectiveness of your colour choices.  Our approach is scientific and analytical – yet always highly practical.  By working alongside the relevant experts within your company, we aim to create a multi-dimensional solution. 

Our colour consultancy services...

The right colour choice sends the right message. Expertas can deliver informed fast track decision making services that can create the optimum solution for you…

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